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      Financing - BlackRock Construction


      Turn-Key Construction Financing

      BlackRock Construction purchases the land and handles the construction financing for you! Avoid the hassles of construction financing, communicating with the bank, loan draws, and additional paperwork. With a turn-key product, you are buying “existing” inventory at closing and you may be able to secure more favorable permanent financing terms.

      Contact us today for more information about building with BlackRock Construction! 802.861.1120 or info@blackrockus.com

      Education & Financial Strategies for New Construction

      At BlackRock Construction, our mission is to educate and consult with our clients throughout the build process. We provide educational meetings, strategy sessions, and consultation for financing projects via traditional lending sources. In addition, we provide analysis of project financial feasibility through detailed data analysis, projections, and project pro formas.

      Contact our CFO, Kemener Whalen, to learn more about our financing strategies and resources. 802.861.1123 or kem@blackrockus.com.

      New Construction Financing

      Low rates and great options! Kimberley Negron, Branch Manager, Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS #142906. Call Kim Negron today at 802.846.4646 or email her at knegron@homebridge.com to learn more about new construction financing options.